Artifact of the Month

Gillette Razor, c. 1920
This 14 karat gold plated razor was one of the first razors for women introduced by Gillette in 1915. The razor was launched with an extensive advertising campaign, which was the first time to highlight lady’s hygiene and under arm smoothness.

This artifact is part of our collection as King Gillette, founder of Gillette razors and the face of company was childhood friends with the Warford/Hawkins family of Geneva. The razor was wrapped in official Gillette Christmas wrapping and read “ from King to Kate.”

The Geneva History Museum Archives holds over a dozen letter and postcard correspondence from King Gillette to Kate Hawkins, often reminiscing about his family visits to the Warford/Hawkins farm in the 1850s.

A letter from King Gillette dated 1925 reads, “Your letter brings back one of the most interesting and happy periods of our life, and remembrance of the old Warford farm and family come back to me as clear as though those happy times were only a few years ago instead of more than half a century. I was then only a boy of nine or ten, yet I can see every member of your then family as they were, perfectly. Every face comes to me as though I had seen them yesterday. Now I am 71.”