House & Building Plaques


Many structures in Geneva tell the story of the families who contributed to the building of our community.  The Geneva History Museum holds many resources that we utilize to unveil your home or building's unique history.  A bronze plaque is a wonderful way to belong to Geneva's story and mark your home with historic pride.

Geneva Historical Society, now the Geneva History Museum has awarded bronze plaques since 1948.  The Museum's bronze plaque is a private recognition through our organization and is not affiliated with the city's designation of the historic district.  See our list of Plaqued Buildings.

These plaques are presented on the request of the owner while Museum staff and volunteers perform research and prepare a written report of the building's history and property timeline.  The Geneva History Museum Board of Directors reviews the application and provided report to determine eligibility.

The Geneva History Museum will, upon application by the owner, sponsor bronze plaques of recognition to be attached to a domestic, commercial and/or civic structure in a prominent location based on one or more of the following criteria:  Download Application here:

1. Date of Construction (100 years old)
2. Historical Significance, and/or Architectural Significance)
3. Domestic structures must have remained in appearance essentially as built.  Commercial and/or civic structures must substantially retain their original form and appearance.

The owner of the structure must be a Museum Member and is required to pay a non-refundable application and processing fee of $50.00.
A plaque fee of $500.00 (not including installation) is required following a determination of eligibility.

If the appearance, character, or form of the structure is changed so as to significantly alter the appearance, character, or form of the structure's state at the date of approval of the plaque, the Geneva History Center reserves the right to ask for the removal and/or return of the plaque.

The presence of a plaque on a structure in Geneva does not imply any endorsement or restriction by the Geneva History Museum or any of its agents.

Historical and/or architectural significance is not limited by any date factor.